West Winds Gin - Why You Have to Try This Uniquely Australian Gin


The coastline near margaret river, home of West Winds gin.

West Winds Gin can be considered a Margaret River classic. Much like the iconic surf, West Winds has built a name and reputation for its award-winning products.

Dive in and see for yourself what West Winds has to offer for the discerning gin drinker.   

West Winds Gin History

Starting out under the name Tailor Made, the first two artisan gins hit the market in 2011. It all began with cocktail champion Jason Chan taking three other industry experts to a Melbourne bar to discuss his vision for creating Australian ‘Damn Fine Gins’.

Paul White, an engineer and distiller, Jeremy Spencer who was in the spirits industry and wine industry expert James Clark shared Chan’s vision for developing two savoury gins showcasing one main Australian ingredient in each.

After 12 months and 45 distillations, they were ready to use the 150 litre Arnold Holstein copper pot still they had imported from Germany.   

Australian Gin Incorporating Native Ingredients

More than 50% of the botanicals are native to Australia and include lemon myrtle, cinnamon myrtle, fresh lemon and lime peel, fresh coriander and the two star ingredients, bush tomato and wattle seed.

West Winds Gin put much of their success down to the unique blend of Australian botanicals. The Sabre uses toasted wattle seed while The Cutlass incorporates the native Australian bush tomato into its mix. Blending these quintessential Australian flavours with traditional ingredients has contributed heavily to West Winds Gin awards.   

Awards & Critical Reception

International acclaim came early in the distillery's life. Only one month after launching, West Winds Gin entered The Cutlass and The Sabre in the 2011 San Francisco International Spirit Awards. They took out a Double Gold and Gold respectively putting them on the world circuit as artisanal distillers. The Double Gold award was the first for an Australian gin producer.

Their pro status was cemented when they repeated their success in 2013 with another Double Gold for The Cutlass in San Francisco. In 2014 they were awarded a Double Gold at the New York World Wine and Spirits competition.

They have had success on home soil too taking out the Best On-premise Spirit or Liqueur at the 2013 Australian Liquor Industry Awards and Champion Gin at the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards in 2014.     

Tasting Notes:

The following four gins all have a unique blend of ingredients and alcohol content to produce an outstanding product:


West Winds The Sabre

A traditional ‘London Gin’ that has a dominant juniper then coriander seed and underlying citrus flavours. The wattle seed adds depth to the mid-palate but also a creamy texture. Serve with lemon, tonic or even fresh watermelon juice. You can buy West Winds The Sabre in our online store.  

West Winds The Cutlass

With its list of impressive trophies in the cabinet, The Cutlass needs little introduction. This hand-crafted small batch gin is delicate but still has a headstrong aroma thanks to the bush tomato and coriander seed. Best served with plenty of ice or just a splash of quality tonic water. You can buy West Winds The Cutlass in our online store.

West Winds The Captains Cut

This intense spice-flavoured gin is Australia’s strongest at 63% ABV. Serve in a dirty martini or G&T with a slice of pink grapefruit, crushed fennel seeds or lemon peel with cracked pepper. You can buy West Winds The Captains Cut in our online store.     

West Winds The Broadside

Made from sea parsley and seasoned with local sea salt this Navy Strength is 57% ABV. With intense botanical tones and lifted citrus notes, The Broadside is perfect for sipping straight or adding to a dirty martini with a slice of grapefruit or in a G&T with a slice of lemon. You can buy West Winds The Broadside in our online store.

If you have any queries about West Winds Gin, come in to our local Perth store or contact the team at Copper & Oak online.  

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