Premium Beer Australian Craft Mixed 24

  • Premium Beer Australian Craft Mixed 24

    Premium Beer Australian Craft Mixed 24 18129

    • Each$115.00

    A fantastic way to try a range of beers from some of Australia's best breweries. This selection consists of 24 beers in total with a selection of 2 beers from each brewery which we have chosen, some of which are very limited.A fine selection of different styled world class beers all made right here in Australia by some of the best Craft Beer producers

    1) Balter Hazy IPA

    2) Balter Lager

    3) Nowhereman Rhaposady XPA

    4) Nowhereman Kylie IPA

    5) Black Hops Pale Ale

    6) Black Hops G.O.A.T Hazy IPA

    7) Dainton Sav Brut IPA

    8) Dainton Apocalypso Imperial NEIPA

    9) Masg Brewing Copy Cat

    10) Masg Brewing Gose-Ade

    11) Modus Operandi Whipper Snipper Session Ale

    12) Modus Operandi Hazy Pale

    13) Hop Nation Heart Pale

    14) Hop Nation Dreamfeed Hazy IPA

    15) Whalebone Hazy Bone NEIPA

    16) Whalebone Big Bone IPA

    17) Big Shed Boozy Fruit NEIPA

    18) Big Shed Mid-Strength Session

    19) Feral Brewing F15 Bourbon Barrel Aged

    20) Feral Brewing Barrel Fermented Hog

    21) Nail Brewing NBT Pale

    22) Nail Brewing Hugh Dunn Brown

    23) Prancing Pony The Zepplin NEIPA

    24) Prancing Pony Sunshine Summer Ale

    We offer mixed cartons across our whole beer range, you can mix your own case of 24 beers no restrictions and get every beer at the case discounted price! Simply Select 24 or more beers and they will automatically drop to the cheapest price per unit. The best of both worlds with all the beer variety at the best price.

    Order Craft Beer from our online store. We proudly ship to anywhere in Australia. We can also offer same-day delivery to selected Perth suburbs. Or visit us in store to see our extensive range of local, international and craft beer with over 1200 different ones to choose from

    $115.00 Per Mix Carton (inc GST)