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Beaujolais wine is primarily made from the Gamay grape and originates in the Beaujolais region in France.

As one of the most popular red wines consumed around the world, there is approximately 70 million litres of Beaujolais made every year. It wasn’t until the 20th century that Beaujolais would rise in consumption and popularity. The Gamay grape was found to ripen sooner than other grapes and was also much easier to grow. Because of this luxury many people decided not to wait, choosing to drink it right after harvest.

Today in the Beaujolais wine region there is a huge area of land dedicated to the Gamay grape that stretches for more than 50 kilometres. The wine has a light body that delivers a fruity finish. The complexity of the wine varies depending where the Gamay grape was grown.

The grape differs between the northern or southern part of Beaujolais. A richer wine is curated from the north grapes, whereas a softer wine with strong tastes of fruit is developed from grapes grown in the south.


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