Grenache Shiraz

As the name would suggest, this wine is a blend of two widely-loved drops - Grenache and Shiraz. The Grenache allows for delicate fruity flavours to emerge with a touch of spice, whilst the Shiraz brings a structured balance to the drink with an opulence of stronger fruity flavours. Together the flavours complement one another to create a flawless blend.

The Grenache grape is one of the most planted grapes around the world. This grape usually takes longer to ripen than other grapes so a hotter climate is ideal for harvesting. Because of the warm weather required the grape is commonly found in Spain, which is where it originated, and Australia. The Grenache grape is used to make wines that deliver a multitude of light, berry flavours. If kept for too long Grenache can develop a tar taste, which is why it is often blended with Shiraz.

Shiraz is made from the Syrah grape. In 1831, the Syrah grape was brought to Australia by James Busby, nicknamed “the Father of Australian viticulture”. The grapes were grown in the Sydney Botanical Gardens before being planted in South Australia. Within 30 years the Syrah grape was popularly used to make Shiraz in Australia.

Shiraz is a strong, full-bodied wine that elicits powerful aromas of dark berries, chocolate and black pepper.

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