Canefire Maiden Voyage Spiced Rum 700ml

  • Canefire Maiden Voyage Spiced Rum 700ml

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    • Each$49.98

    Canefire spirits are inspired by the beautiful West Australian outback. Proudly, owned and bottled in W.A, Canefire Maiden Voyage Spiced Rum 700ml encapsulates the magnificent character of the Kimberley region through their unique distillery process that incorporates a “patch” process, not like the molasses which almost all other rum distilleries use.

    Because of this unique process, Canefire offers a distinctive experience that delivers a world class bottle of rum like no other. The Canefire Maiden Voyage Spiced rum pays its respects to the Western Australian coastline by embodying wattleseed and lemon myrtle.

    The maritime spices are infused generously to create a crisp, tropical rum that is perfect on a hot Summer’s day. The Maiden Voyage depicts the sheer beauty and size of Western Australia. From vast areas of unapologetic, dangerous outback regions to immense amounts of wild, uncontrolled oceans.

    The Maiden Voyage is for those looking to embark on a sense of adventure. The alcohol content is 40.0% for a 700ml bottle.


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    $49.98 (inc GST)