Captain Morgan Dark Rum 700ml

  • Captain Morgan Dark Rum 700ml

    Captain Morgan Dark Rum 700ml 524

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    When it comes to rum, Captain Morgan is one of the most popular and recognizable brands around the globe. If you haven't heard the story of the Captain, that’s perfectly fine. These days he prefers his rum to tell the story.

    Straight from the tropical isles of the Carribean, Captain Morgan squeezes the best sugar cane on offer to create a rich molasses. Once molasses is obtained the fermentation process begins. The rum is then distilled and matured in white oak barrels which attributes to the beautiful, vibrant caramel colour.

    Finally, the drink is blended with some of the finest Carribean rums to create the tropical, smooth rum that is adored the world over. This deliciously, sweet spirit is perfect on just about any occasion. Cocktails, on ice or with your favourite mixer - The Captain has you covered.  A’hoy mateys!


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