Captain Morgan Spiced Gold 700ml

  • Captain Morgan Spiced Gold 700ml

    Captain Morgan Spiced Gold 700ml 3978

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    Strong scents of vanilla, sugar and exotic spices spearhead the flavours of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold Rum.

    Being aged in white oak barrels allow for a unique, delicate and smooth finish on the palette. You will feel as fresh as the Caribbean sea breeze after a drink or two. If it is a sense of adventure you are chasing, Captain Morgan will send you on your merry way.

    The process to deliver such a delightful spiced rum is one that only a pirate can complete. First, the Captain must source the tastiest sugar cane from the mesmerizing Caribbean. Once the sugar cane is developed into molasses the yeast is carefully selected to ensure the rum adheres to the Captain’s strict standards.

    Distillation and maturation ensues until the final step of blending only the finest rums the Caribbean has to offer. Be sure to serve this with a tasty mixer or serve chilled on the rocks.


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