CIROC VODKA 700ML 4421

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    Ciroc Vodka is uniquely distilled. Whereas most vodkas use grain, Ciroc uses French grapes for their distillation process - inspired by a rich winemaking process dating back more than a hundred years.

    Ciroc carefully selects grapes that are to be harvested and made into a wine. This wine is then distilled in a column still four times.

    Ciroc Vodka is developed on the fifth distillation. Experience a smooth, fruity vodka in your favourite cocktail.

    A popular Ciroc cocktail is called the ‘Blue Stone Royal’ and is made up of Ciroc Vodka, lemon juice, vanilla syrup and topped up with champagne.

    Try this stylish creation next time you want to impress a group of friends at your next dinner party!

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