GLENFARCLAS 25YR SM 700ML 10892

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    Whisky Overview: 

    Hailing from the Speyside, Highlands of Scotland, the Glenfarclas 25 Year Old expression is a whisky with intense texture and flavors. This single malt is laden with the aroma of pears and cherry blossoms. They are filled and left to mature in Spanish casks which previously held Oloroso and Fino Sherry, from which the Glenfarclas 25 Year Old acquires its depth of flavor. The whisky has an impeccable and alluring bright gold with a pale straw hue. It has a full-mouth palate with hints of delicious honeyed, dried fruits over rich, spicy underlying brown sugar laced malt. The finish is a bit quick, with an abrupt and almost indiscernible aftertaste of dried fruit and sweet leather.

    About Glenfarclas: 

    Glenfarclas distillery was founded in 1836 by Robery Hay. This Speyside whisky distillery in Ballindalloch, Scotland is now owned and run by the Grant family. They are known for their fine-quality whiskies that have won global acclaim over the years and are enjoyed by whisky aficionados and amateurs alike. 

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