Our 5 Favourite Family-Owned Western Australian Wineries


An Australian winery at sunset

Rosily Vineyard

Rosily Vineyard is named after a French Navigator, Francois-Etienne de Rosily-Mesros, who was monumental in the exploration of Western Australia during the 18th century.

Ken & Dot Allan and Mike & Barb Scott, the owners of Rosily Vineyard, value Rosily’s contributions towards the early discovery of W.A and incorporate a French stylized lily design on its bottles, known as ‘Fleur-de-lys’,  as a dedication to the French connection.

Located in the pristine Wilyabrup sub-region of the Margaret River wine district, the first plantations were propagated in 1994 which used cuttings from the Moss Wood vineyard.  They were planted in the Rosily Vineyard in 1995 and 1996.

Today, Rosily Vineyard places a high importance on sustainability and in 2015 began the transition to organic viticulture. Rosily, now proudly holds the title of a completely certified organic vineyard. Since the change, they have collected 15 gold medals and 4 trophies for organic wines.

Hay Shed Hill Winery

Hay Shed Hill Winery is owned and operated by a husband and wife team - Michael Kerrigan and Leith Pavlinovich. Michael Kerrigan is a respected wine maker in Australia with more than 30 years experience and was once a finalist in the national Qantas Winemaker of the Year award.

Another key member of the Hay Shed Hill Winery is Becky the dog. She is known to welcome customers with a paw shake (if you have food).  

Hay Shed Hill Winery Becky the pet dog

Hay Shed Hill being located in the Wilyabrup Valley region and just 5km from the ocean, collects the afternoon sea breeze which allows the fruit to cool down in the warm weather.

The Hay Shed Hill White Label Malbec continues to be one of their most accomplished wines winning back-to-back gold medals at the Wine Show of WA in 2016 and 2017.

Sittella Winery

The Sittella Winery is named after the Sittella, an Australian bird that can be found along the Swan River. The winery began in 1998 and is owned by Simon and Maaike Berns.

Simon and Maaike Berns owners of Sittella Winery

What originally began as a hobby for the married couple, evolved to a weekend job and finally to a full-time business. They now employ a team of winemakers, chefs and other staff to maintain the vineyard and restaurant.

The Sittella Winery has grown into a world-class vineyard since its opening almost 25 years ago.

Located in the beautiful wine region of Swan Valley, the Sittella Winery boasts high-quality traditional wines that can be enjoyed at ‘The Nest’, their restaurant with impressive vineyard views.  

Leeuwin Estate

Leeuwin Estate is a family owned estate and one of the founding wineries in the world-famous Margaret River wine region in Western Australia.

Success came quickly for Leeuwin Estate. They would release their first vintage in 1979 and in 1981 Decanter Magazine would award their ‘Art Series’ chardonnay with its highest recommendation.

Dennis and Tricia Horgan, the founders of Leeuwin Estate, wanted to create a place that delivered fine wine, food and art. Their mission statement - “to produce wines that rank with the best in the world, through the pursuit of excellence” has allowed Leeuwin Estate to become exporters to more than 30 markets.

Wines that are released under the ‘Art Series’ are some of Leeuwin Estates most esteemed wines and use leading Australian artists to complete the bottle artwork.

Forest Hill Vineyard

Forest Hill is a family owned and operated vineyard located in the Mount Barker region of Western Australia. It lays claim to being the first cool climate vineyard planted in Western Australia.

In 1955, Professor Olmo from the University of California came to W.A and identified Mount Barker as a location that would thrive in producing wines much similar to the Bordeaux wine region in France.

It would be more than 20 years for these claims to ring true, in 1972 the first harvest of grapes were picked from Forest Hill which were used to produce the first vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon by Houghton’s.

In 2004, a winery was developed at Forest Hill and has since allowed them to grow into a five star winery that continues to make high-quality wines.

Forest Hill family owned vineyard

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