Sangiovese is a red wine grape variety that originates from Italy and is mostly grown in the Tuscany region.

The grape is rumoured to have originated during Roman times. The word Sangiovese translates to the “blood of love”, which refers to Jupiter the Roman god.

Outside of Italy, the grape is rather difficult to come across. There is 175,000 acres worldwide of Sangiovese wine regions, and Italy accounts for approximately 155,000 acres of this amount.

Sangiovese is a delectable wine that can offer a variety of tastes depending of the location in which it’s grown. You can detect rustic, earthy tastes ranging to full-bodied fruit tastes. The most popular Sangiovese wines find a delicate balance between these flavours. One flavour that is always detected in Sangiovese wine regardless of where it’s grown is strong cherry flavours.

Sangiovese is a rather versatile wine to pair with food. The medium body of the wine allows it to mix well with tomatoes and herbs. The savory taste of the wine paired with herbs allows for you to taste a more fruiter wine.

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