Are you looking for something a bit more daring? Then, absinthe is for you. Popularly known as The Green Fairy by absinthe aficionados, this green alcoholic beverage is one of the most highly infused alcoholic drinks you’ll ever have. We offer six very premium, fine-tasting spirits in this category, which will surely knock your socks off. From the enticing emerald appearance to its decadent anise-infused flavors, this beverage is best enjoyed sparingly, with water. So what are you waiting for? Choose from any of the absinthes on offer, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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    In 1915, France would ban the sale of Absinthe after years of lobbying. A century later, Pernod Absinthe would return with its original recipe and traditional processes used nearly one hundred years ago.

    Wormwood and green anise are macerated in a neutral wine spirit before being distilled in copper pot stills.

    In 2014, Pernod Absinthe picked up the Gold Medal at the International Review of Spirits Award. It also collected a Best in Category award at the 2015 Los Angeles International Spirits Competition. Pernod Absinthe is best slowly enjoyed with a little bit of water. Be sure to enjoy this drink responsibly, the spirit contains a very high ABV of 68%.

    Purchase a bottle of Pernod Absinthe from our online store. We can ship anywhere in Australia. We can offer same-day delivery to selected Perth suburbs.

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