The Vranec grape hails from Montenegro and is considered their most important grape variety. Pronounced ‘Vran-etz’, this popular grape is responsible for 50% of red wines produced in Macedonia and is also commonly found in Croatia, Serbia and Kosovo.

The grape is referred to as Vranac in Serbia and Croatia, or Vranec in Macedonia.

Vranec translates to “black stallion” and is appropriately named because of its dark colours and powerful flavours that the grape is capable of producing.

Vranec has dark blue skin grapes and produces rich, thick wine. The flavours found in Vranec wine can often include blackberry, blackcurrant, mint, vanilla, chocolate and sour cherry.

The high sugar content usually leads to Vranec wine having a high alcohol content. The wine is also ideal for ageing thanks to healthy levels of acidity.

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