Petit Verdot

Petit Verdot is a robust red wine that emerged from Bordeaux, France. It is most popularly mixed with other Bordeaux red blends because of its rich, tannin properties.

Due to the high tannin levels and strong aromas, the Petit Verdot is scarcely made into a single varietal wine. Some exceptions can be found in wineries located in Australia, California, and Spain as they have the luxury to overcrop the vines to lower the tannin levels.

The single variety Petit Verdot produced in Australia tends to show notes of black raspberry and vanilla.

With a complexity of dark fruity flavours, you can expect to taste black cherry, plum, violet, lilac and sage in most Petit Verdot. Murray Darling and Riverland are popular single variety producers of Petit Verdot.

The average Petit Verdot alcohol content is categorised as medium-high with an ABV between 13%-14.5%.

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