The Barbera wine grape is one of the most popular collection of red grapes in Italy, coming in third, only behind the Sangiovese and the Montepulciano grape.

Tracing its origins to Monferrato, Italy, the Barbera grape is well known for a strong, intense colour and high acidity levels. There are some locations where vineyards exceeding a hundred years in age still exist that permit a slow-aged, flavoursome wine to be produced that captures a robust, fruity taste. Barbera wine delivers a rich, yet light tasting experience that is caused by the dark staining that occurs in production, making the wine almost appear black.

During the early stages of aging the wine has a vivid display of cherries and blackberries. To enhance the aging process and improve the fruition of the wine, oak barrels are often used by winemakers.

The perfect Barbera wine has a delicate balance of fruit, acidity levels aged in well kept oak barrels that make it ideal for cellaring. This combination delivers a superb wine with a high alcohol content. Whereas, the wines that display fresh scents of dried fruits are not recommended for cellaring and best enjoyed within 2 - 4 years. Besides Italy, the Barbera grape can be sourced in parts of California, Australia and Argentina.


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