Shiraz / Syrah

What’s the difference between Shiraz and Syrah?

In France and just about everywhere else in the world, the red wine grape is known as Syrah. Whereas, in Australia the grape is called Shiraz. Why the name change? No one really knows. The Shiraz/Syrah grape is the same grape genetically but they can make different types of wine depending on where they are grown.

Syrah wine tends to be lighter than and less intense, whereas Shiraz is a more full-bodied wine.

Shiraz/Syrah typically have high tannins with strong flavours of blackberry, dark chocolate and cloves. The flavours can change depending on the climate in which the grape is grown.

Although Syrah/Shiraz are popular single variety wines, they are also commonly used to blend wines. It is a widely used grape and is estimated to be the 7th most planted grape in the world.

Popular Shiraz/Syrah wine regions include California, Barossa, Hunter Valley, Margaret River and South Africa.

Syrah/Shiraz pairs nicely with just about any food. Try enjoying a glass next time you have a barbeque to bring out the rich, dark flavours of the wine.

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