Cabernet Sauvignon Blends

When it comes to Cabernet Blends, Australia really is spoilt for choice. The most popular Cabernet Sauvignon Blends are typically a combination of Cabernet Sauvignon with Merlot or Shiraz.

The first blend of Cabernet Sauvignon was with the Syrah grape, better known as Shiraz. This beautiful blend of wine is one of the most popular around Australia and often referred to as Cabernet Shiraz. If you ever travel to France you would struggle to find a Cabernet Shiraz as there are regulations in place that restrict Shiraz being combined with Cabernet Sauvignon that is produced in the Bordeaux region.

The Cabernet Shiraz provides the wine drinker with a smokey blackberry taste that comes to life in the middle of their palate. Another popular blend in Australia is the Cabernet Merlot. Margaret River in Western Australia is reknowned for producing high quality Cabernet Merlot blends with a sweet, chocolate aroma and a hint of fruity flavours. These rich wines are a perfect wine to age in cellars.

One of the finest Cabernet Shiraz blends is said to be produced by Penfolds, an Australian company renowned the world over.


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