Merlot is a dark blue grape that is used for Merlot wine and other wine blends.

Named after the French blackbird of similar colour, Merle, Merlot has a soft feel because of how it ripens at an earlier time compared to many other grapes. It is for this reason that Merlot is often blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, a grape that takes longer to ripen.

Merlot is widely used in many wine regions because of its ability to grow in cool, medium and hot conditions. Each climate is known to deliver different characteristics to the grape.

In cool climates you will detect strawberries, plums and tobacco aromas. As the climate becomes hotter the aromas will darken and blackberry, black plum, fruitcake and chocolate notes can be detected.

One flaw of the merlot grape is the quickness in which it can over-ripen if not picked at the perfect time.

Merlot is estimated to be the third most popular wine grape in the world. They grow in loose bunches consistent of large berries.

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