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Nero Di Troia

Nero Di Troja is an Italian red wine grape, most commonly grown in the Apulia region.

For a long time, the wine was popularly blended with the softer Montepulciano grape due to its often high tannin.

More recently, the planting of the grape was altered to limit the vine yield. This new way to harvest the grape was able to significantly lower the tannin levels and allowed Nero Di Troja to emerge as a preferred single varietal grape and is now produced by more than 80 wine labels.

Nero Di Troja is a full-bodied wine with strong aromatic spices mixed with hints of black plums and cherry fruit.

The most common ABV for this type of wine is between 13.5% - 14.5%.

Nero Di Troja is best enjoyed with traditional hearty Italian meals.

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