Grenache / Grenache Shiraz

Grenache is a widely used grape around the world and is one of the most popular red wine grapes that are harvested.

As this grape tends to ripen later than others, it prefers a hot climate to successfully grow. Such ideal conditions are found in Spain, where the Grenache grape originated. Other warmer climates such as Australia and California are also large growers of the Grenache grape.

When it comes to taste, Grenache wine allows for a mix of berry flavours to sooth the palette as you savour it. Oxidation is a common occurrence in Grenache wine which can lead to the colour becoming a brown hue. As time goes on the Grenache wine will evolve from a berry flavour to a more buttery, tar texture. Because of this, many Grenache wines are often mixed with other wines such as Syrah, more commonly known as Shiraz. The blending of these two wines allows for a sweet, fruity mix.

The beautiful cherry-flavoured Grenache wines are typically rather high in alcohol content and is paired well with dinner.


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