10 Easy Drinking Beers Perfect for Summer in Perth

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There’s nothing better to do in summer than catch up with some friends for a few easy drinking summer beers. Whether you’re planning a session under your patio or have a backyard pool to enjoy, fill up the esky with ice, a few of your favourite beers and soak in the great Aussie sun.

Scroll through the list below to find easy drinking summer beers from your favourite Australian breweries. The list includes a range of beer types, so you’re sure to find one that fits your taste.

Hawkers Pilsner

hawkers beer pilsnerSince its creation in 2015, Hawkers have been racking up awards year after year for this easy drinking pilsner – and might we add well-deserved! This pilsner if full of refreshing floral and spice notes, making it perfect for a warm summer day relaxing under the sun.

Coming in at an ABV of 5.0%, Hawkers Pilsner offers a clean and refreshing beer that is best enjoyed with friends. So, grab some mates and catch up for a few easy drinking summer beers this holidays.

Balter Lager

balter lagerReleased earlier this year, Balter Lager provides an easy drinking go-to option for anyone seeking a crisp and refreshing beer – perhaps after a long day’s work.

Lagers are a classic option when looking for a delicious beer you can enjoy sessionable throughout the day or night. Balter deliver just that, with a beer that comes in with an ABV of 4.8%, pours golden and is easy to drink allowing you to work through that whole 6-pack (maybe even more).

Quiet Deeds Draught

quiet deeds draughtWe couldn’t have an easy drinking summer beer list without at least one draught, right?

The Quiet Deeds Draught brings with it a creamy and crisp finish. Brewed using Mandarina Bavaria and Warrior hops, Quiet Deeds manage to make this very sessionable beer one to be enjoyed all summer long.

An ABV of 4.2% also keeps it on the slightly lower scale of a craft beer, helping you feel a bit better about sneaking in a few extra cans during your drinking session.

La Sirene Citray Sour

la citray sour beerEnjoy something a tad sourer? Well, La Sirene is sure to satisfy!

The Citray Sour is a farmhouse-style sour ale offering a naturally sour hit with every sip. You’ll find plenty of fruity aromas being made with 100% real locally grown oranges.

If you’re a lover of all things sour, this easy drinking summer beer is the one to get.

Black Hops Brewing Send It Session Ale

black hops brewing send it session aleAs Black Hops Brewing word it, “Beer made easy”.

The Send It Session Ale from Black Hops pours light in colour with hints of fresh fruit making it an extremely easy drinking summer beer. A mix of Calypso and Citra hops brings some added fruitiness and provide a full-body for this delicious beer.

There’s just nothing quite like sinking a few session ales over the holidays.

James Squire 150 Lashes Pale Ale

150 lashes150 Lashes Pale Ale is a classic to order at your local pub when you feel like a craft beer, but unfortunately, their selection is sub-par, or at most, average.

However, that’s not to discredit this beer in any regard.

James Squire delivers a delicious and affordable beer that is one of the best easy drinking beers out there. This is the thirst-quenching beer we all look for after a day-long cricket match in the backyard. A delicious and well-rounded beer.

Gage Roads Side Track All Day XPA

gage roads side track all day xpaThe recently released Side Track All Day XPA from Gage Roads is one of the best easy drinking beers out right now. This beer is made to be sessionable (it says it in its name), with fresh citrus and tropical fruit aromas.

And it’s a mid-strength.

But this isn’t a mid-strength that is lacking flavour or that ‘oomph’ you get from a full-strength. The Side Track All Day XPA still contains that refreshing full flavour hit we all know and love.

This beer is made to be enjoyed while kicking back in a deck chair in your backyard under the warm summer sun.

Capital Brewing Summit Session XPA

capital brewing summit session xpaThe Summit Session XPA also provides a full-bodied easy drinking summer beer, with a lower ABV of 3.5%. This mid-strength is easily sessionable, so keep a stockpile in your beer fridge at all times.

With a combination of Simcoe, Citra and Galaxy hops, Capital Brewing really nail this XPA on the head in creating an absolutely delicious mid-strength.

Nail MVP Session

nail mvp sessionThe mid-strength Nail MVP Session is the perfect choice for designated drivers or beer lovers seeking a light summer drinking session.

If you’re seeking something a bit stronger from Nail Brewing, we definitely recommend grabbing a few VPA’s. Coming in at an ABV of 6.5%, the VPA is still an easy drinking and straight out delicious drop.

Cheeky Monkey Alcoholic Ginger Beer

cheeky monkey alcoholic ginger beerWe just had to include an alcoholic ginger beer in this list of easy drinking summer beers.

The brand new Alcoholic Ginger Beer from Cheeky Monkey Brewery provides a refreshing ginger hit and slight afterburn you’d expect from all good ginger beers. While 99% sugar-free, this beer is still very sweet in taste and now part of the core range. So, even if you don’t get around to trying it over the summer holidays, make sure to try it in the new year.

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