Guide to Australian Gins - How We Compare to the Rest of the World


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Australian gin is taking off - new distillers are popping up all over the country with their own creative and unique takes on the old classic. From limited releases to premium barrel-aged expressions, Australian gin drinkers are spoiled for choice.

We’ve picked six of our favourite local gins. This isn’t a definitive “best Aussie gin” list but hopefully it gives you some ideas of what’s out there.

Old Young’s

Established in The Swan Valley in 2016, Old Young’s are taking Australia by storm with their hand-crafted gins. At the 2017 and 2018 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards they were presented with the ‘Champion Australian Distiller’ trophy.

Six Seasons Gin

Old Young’s Six Seasons Gin is inspired by the six seasons of the Swan Valley’s indigenous Noongar people. This gin collected a gold medal at the 2018 Australian Distilled Spirit Awards and is made from 100% Australian sugar cane. Enjoy popular gin botanicals such as coriander, lemon myrtle and juniper.


Giniversity is the brainchild of Western Australia’s Limeburners Whiskey. They use the finest Australian ingredients to produce exceptional London dry gin, botanical gin and barrel aged gin. The distillery also offer classes that teach you how to make gin and lets you “become an honorary Distiller for a day”.

London Dry Gin

Giniversity’s London dry gin is unlike any other gin in the world. Using Meen, a botanical that is native to Australia’s South West, this is an ingenious creation that delivers a dry and refreshing London dry gin that leaves a lasting peppery taste.


Kilderkin Distillery hails from Ballarat, Victoria and was founded in 2016. It’s been quite some time since a gin distillery has operated in Ballarat. In 1930 the Warrenheip distillery would shut down leaving Victoria empty handed. Almost 90 years later, Kilderkin decided it was time to revive the Victorian gin scene - and what a marvellous job they’ve done.


Producing a navy strength gin with the finest Australian botanicals, Buccaneer is a delightfully smooth yet strong gin. This gin places emphasis on juniper and lime by adding extra rations to the recipe. One of the best Australian gins you will find.


On the beautiful banks of the Tasmanian Derwent River you will find the Lawrenny Estate - producers of some of the finest gins in Australia.

Van Diemen’s Gin

Europeans referred to Tasmania as Van Diemen’s Land until the name was changed in 1856. Van Diemen’s Gin pays tribute to the rich history of the Tasmanian wilderness. The pristine water sourced from the Derwent River is used to create an inspiring gin with strong herbal notes. Van Diemen’s Gin was awarded a gold medal at the 2018 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards.

Four Pillars

Four Pillars produce five different gins that were inspired by a tour of America’s West coast, from Portland to San Francisco. After the trip the people at Four Pillars knew what they needed to create a superb Australian Gin - a Carl still. With their custom made Carl still, made in Germany, Four Pillars has perfected the craft of producing gin with incredible purity of spirit.

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin

Yarra Valley is home to Four Pillars so it only makes sense that they would produce a gin mixed with some of the finest wines from the region. A mix of rare dry gin and Shiraz lends itself to deliver a sweet drink with deep red colouring and grape aromas. Enjoy Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz gin in all your favourite cocktails.


Distilled in Adelaide, this small-batch gin distillery is achieving big things. They’re the first in Adelaide to bring a distillery and tasting room to the same location. They produce a great Australian gin that keeps to the much loved formula of prohibition-style gin.

Shiraz Barrel Gin 60%

Old Young’s Shiraz Barrel Gin is aged in old American bourbon and Barossa Valley shiraz barrels. This gin certainly packs a punch with a high alcohol content of 60%. You’ll experience all the popular gin botanicals including juniper, vanilla and lavender.

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