Seasonal x Twin Peaks x Copper and Oak - Coffee Barley Wine

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Launching during WA Beer Week 2022, our collaboration is the creative expression of three local, near-neighbours, who have a healthy love for each other’s work,

Barley Wine is a one of the oldest beer styles. It was mentioned by Ancient Greek’s Xenophon and Polybius, and has links to the first ever trademark. Today, the rich, complex and strong style is one of the most celebrated in beer, typically offering layers of toffee, dried fruit and more through a lengthy palate arc.  

The Seasonal Brewing Co.’s previous AIBA Gold winning Barley Wine provided the inspiration for this limited release, although a new recipe was developed to showcase the bespoke beans from Twin Peaks Coffee Roasters says Seasonal’s Head Brewer Brody Watt.

“Normally coffee is used in Imperial Stouts to amplify the roast characters, but here we wanted to highlight the nuance of Twin Peaks coffee, and work in harmony with the beer’s toffee malt character”

“Ale malt, with rye and caramel rye malt, formed the base beer. And, Lotus hops were used to impart subtle orange and vanilla, but were used sparingly, so as not to overwhelm the coffee additions”

The collab beer was brewed over two days using a two-step, poly-gyle process where the first boil’s wort was then used as liquid for the second boil. This technique created an incredibly rich base for the coffee additions which were selected during a Twin Peaks cupping session.

Brazilian and Burundi beans were chosen for their unique contribution, and added in separate stages as Twin Peaks’ Tom Greene explains.

“For the first addition we used a Natural Processed, espresso roast Burundi - Burambi as a cold brewed concentrate via active cold extraction"

“By using this jammy, fruit forward coffee as a concentrate at an early stage of the brew we were able to contrast the toffee malt characteristics of the Barley Wine” 


"Later in ferment, Natural Processed, espresso roast Brazil - Sertão grounds were steeped dry into the Barley Wine for 24 hours"


“Introducing dry grounds at this stage of brew was intended to highlight the roast characteristics of this coffee which typically are chocolate and praline.” 



The result is WA’s first Coffee Barley Wine, and represents the friendship of three near-neighbours says Copper & Oak’s Jose Pestana.


“Our Coffee Barley Wine collab is a celebration of local friendship”


“Seasonal are one of the closest breweries to us, and likewise coffee roasters Twin Peaks. Both Brody and Tom have been shopping with us for years, and this felt like a chance to do something really special”


“This collaboration brings two of our favourites together: beer and coffee! We love Barley Wines, especially Seasonal’s, and the chance involve Twin Peaks coffee was a natural fit.”


The Seasonal Brewing Co. x Twin Peaks Coffee Roasters x Copper & Oak Liquor Merchants Coffee Barley Wine launches Sunday 12th June at the brewery, and at Copper & Oak, instore and online.


Event tickets are available via WA Beer Week.

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