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There’s no doubt Western Australia has some of the best breweries in the world. While the northern corridor features some all-time favourites such as Matso’s brewing in Broome, the South West Margaret River region is the perfect location for a brewery road trip.

To guide you through the scenic South West of Western Australia, we’ve put together a Margaret River breweries map. The brewery map features eight of WA’s best breweries and gives you some top picks for what beers to try.

With a total of 8 breweries to hit up, you can adventure through the countryside in a day, or take your time and split it over 2 to 4 days. For maximum enjoyment, take your time at each location as the individual design and scenic views at each brewery are both unique and breathtaking.

But Remember: Safe Driving. If you’re planning to road trip the Margaret River breweries map, nominate a designated driver. Take it in turns each day so everyone gets the chance to experience the delicious beverages at each brewery.

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Destination: 44 Station Road, Margaret River WA 6285, Australia.

margaret river tourist park

After a hard day’s work experiencing the very best of Margaret River regions breweries, it’s important you have a nice, comfortable place to sleep (and overcome the likelihood of a morning hangover). Staying at Margaret River Tourist Park was an absolute dream. With easy online booking and online specials for booking direct, the short distance to the city centre made it the perfect accommodation option.


Margaret River Breweries Map List:

Trip 1:

Cheeky Monkey Brewery & Cidery

Trip 2:

Black Brewing Co

Trip 3:

Eagle Bay Brewing Co

Trip 4:

Bootleg Brewery

Trip 5:

The Beerfarm

Trip 6:

Cowaramup Brewing Company

Trip 7:

Colonial Brewing Co

Trip 8:

Brewhouse Margaret River

Trip 1: Cheeky Monkey Brewery & Cidery

Destination: 4259 Caves Rd, Wilyabrup WA 6280.

cheeky monkey

The large open brewery with shaded outdoor seating and views over the large pond make for a great starting location on your Margaret Rivers brewery adventure. Pull up a seat with your group and make yourself comfortable for the big day ahead. With a line-up of award winning beers, spend your time at Cheeky Monkey experimenting with their core range, while keeping an eye out on seasonal specials.

Beer Line-up:

  • Cheeky Monkey – Double IPA 8.8% ★ standout ★
  • Cheeky Monkey – Maple Baltic Porter 7.4%
  • Cheeky Monkey – Pale Ale 5.0%
  • Cheeky Monkey – West Coast IPA 6.5%

Standout: Cheeky Monkey – Double IPA

The limited release Cheeky Monkey Double IPA ticks all the boxes. A nice strong double IPA with an ample quantity of hops and a lingering bitterness. At 8.8%, it’s a hit that puts a smile on your face.

Want to try out Cheeky Monkey yourself? Order a Cheeky Monkey West Coast IPA, Lager, Pale Ale, Red Ale available for delivery Australia wide.

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Trip 2: Black Brewing Co

Destination: 3517 Caves Rd, Wilyabrup WA 6280.

black brewing

The layout of Black Brewing Co is welcoming and unique, found just a short drive north of Cheeky Monkey. The line-up of beers have everything you could want and offer a 4-paddle selection including some of their crowd favourites.

Beer Line-up:

  • Black Brewing – Bao Bao Milk Stout 4.5% ★ standout ★
  • Black Brewing – XPA 6%
  • Black Brewing – Fresh Ale 4.5%
  • Black Brewing – Lager 4.8%

Standout: Black Brewing – Bao Bao Milk Stout

Bao Bao Milk Stout is a must try when visiting Black Brewing Co in your travels through Margaret River. The silky-smooth milk stout leaves a lingering malty taste in your mouth – great for lovers of dark beer and for those that are all for lactose in beer.

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Trip 3: Eagle Bay Brewing Co

Destination: 236 Eagle Bay Rd, Naturaliste WA 6281.

eagle bay brewing

Saying the views at Eagle Bay Brewing Co are breathtaking is an understatement. Set overlooking clear green fields, the open atmosphere was both welcoming and pleasing on the eyes. The friendly staff offering opinions and descriptions on each beer (although the paddle was always going to happen) gave great insight into their passion.

Beer Line-up:

  • Eagle Bay – Kolsch 4.7%
  • Eagle Bay – Lager 4.8%
  • Eagle Bay – Amber Ale 3.5%
  • Eagle Bay – Pale Ale 5.1% ★ standout ★
  • Eagle Bay – Citrus IPA 5.1%
  • Eagle Bay – Black IPA 5.5%

Standout: Eagle Bay – Pale Ale

There’s nothing bad to say about Eagle Bay’s Pale Ale – and everything good. Eagle Bay smash it out of the park with their range of delicious, sessionable brews. The Pale Ale is no different, providing an aromatic American style pale ale that you could enjoy all afternoon long. But don’t stop here, it’s on to the next brewery! All Eagle Bay beers are available in store & online for Australia wide delivery!

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Trip 4: Bootleg Brewery

Destination: 37 Wildberry Rd, Wilyabrup WA 6280.

bootleg brewing

Bootleg Brewery has tables and chairs set up across the well-kept green grass, just outside of their rustic point-of-operation. The team have a passion for their beer which shows in the unique flavour and unique experience you receive with each sip.

Beer Line-up:

  • Bootleg Brewery – Summer Ale 4.8%
  • Bootleg Brewery – Tom’s Amber Ale 3.5%
  • Bootleg Brewery – Prohibition Pils 4.9%
  • Bootleg Brewery – Speakeasy IPA 5.5%
  • Bootleg Brewery – Raging Bull 7.1% ★ standout ★
  • Bootleg Brewery – Prinsep Cider 4.5%

Standout: Bootleg Brewing – Raging Bull

Ouch! There’s a reason they call it Raging Bull, and that’s due to the intense hit of dark coffee flavours. Three specialty malts make up this delicious and strong dark ale. If you’re all for dark beers, this is a must try – make sure it’s included on your beer paddle.

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Trip 5: The Beerfarm

Destination: 177 Gale Rd, Metricup WA 6280.

the beerfarm

Walking into The Beerfarm is like walking into your best mates back shed. You know the one – the mate with all the very best in blokey back shed attire, signs, graffiti and not to mention, the best damn beer line-up around. With both an ‘In There’ and ‘Out There’ paddle, all 8 beers that were tried offered something unique and different from the last, a flavour experience you might need to try again… and again… and again.

Beer Line-up:

  • The Beerfarm – Calm Ya Farm 3.5%
  • The Beerfarm – West Coast Lager 4.6%
  • The Beerfarm – Brown Ale 4.4%
  • The Beerfarm – Western Cider 4.8%
  • The Beerfarm – India Pale Ale 5.6%
  • The Beerfarm – La Maison Saison Blackberry 6.8% ★ standout ★
  • The Beerfarm – India Pale Lager 5.2%
  • The Beerfarm – Milk Stout 5%

Standout: The Beerfarm –La Maison Saison Blackberry

The standout had to be Beerfarm’s Blackberry Saison. Not necessarily because it was the favourite tasting beer, but due to its unique and oddly satisfying approach. Using blackberries from their neighbours at The Berry Farm, this Saison hits all the right boxes.

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Trip 6: Cowaramup Brewing Company

Destination: 231 Treeton Rd N, Cowaramup WA 6284.

cowaramup brewing company

Cowaramup Brewing Company is located among lush green grass, trees and open plains. The brewery has large open doors leading out to a patio and shaded seating on the grass, perfect for medium to large groups. The 5-beer paddle makes sure you can enjoy all crowd-favourites.

Beer Line-up:

  • Cowaramup Brewing – Porter 5.6%
  • Cowaramup Brewing – India Pale Ale 5.8%
  • Cowaramup Brewing – Lightsign Ale 3.5% ★ standout ★
  • Cowaramup Brewing – Hefeweizen 5.0%
  • Cowaramup Brewing – Pilsener 5.2%

Standout: Cowaramup Brewing – Lightsign Ale

Great mid-strength beers are arguably hard to come by (although seems to be much easier in the past few years). Cowaramup Brewing’s Lightsign Ale has taken out the pole position from the 5-paddle tasting board. From start to finish, the sessionable mid-strength provides low bitterness with faint fruity aromas throughout.

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Trip 7: Colonial Brewing Co

Destination: 29 Osmington Rd, Bramley WA 6285.

colonial brewing co

Colonial Brewing is a stock-standard name in the Australian beer community at the moment, offering welcoming breweries in Margaret River and Port Melbourne. The friendly atmosphere and attentive staff at Colonial Brewing make for a great stop while you test out the very best of their beer with a paddle.

Beer Line-up:

  • Colonial Brewing – Bertie Cider 4.8%
  • Colonial Brewing – IPA – Australia 6.5%
  • Colonial Brewing – Pale Ale 4.4% ★ standout ★
  • Colonial Brewing – Small Ale 3.5%
  • Colonial Brewing – Draught 4.8%

Standout: Colonial Brewing – Pale Ale

Wow Wow Wow! Colonial is smashing it out of the park right now, turning heads with their latest batch of South West Sours. However, the one that needs the constant attention as a stand out is their Pale Ale. A delicious staple to any event you could happily drink until the cows come home.

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Trip 8: Brewhouse Margaret River

Destination: 35 Bussell Hwy, Margaret River WA 6285.

the brewhouse margaret river

If you’re heading to Margaret River, no matter the occasion, visit Brewhouse Margaret River. The central location is perfect for families and young couples, with a playground that will keep kids occupied for hours. Just a stone’s throw from Margaret River’s city centre, Brewhouse is the perfect location to spend the rest of your afternoon unwinding.

Beer Line-up:

  • Brewhouse – Undies Oatmeal Stout 6.1%
  • Brewhouse – Red Track IPA 6.2%
  • Brewhouse – 8 Ball Double IPA 8% ★ standout ★
  • Brewhouse – Inji Pale Ale 5.5%
  • Brewhouse – Bastard Brown Ale 4.8%
  • Brewhouse – Golden Groper 3.5%
  • Brewhouse – Black Duck Lager 4.7%
  • Brewhouse – Kuttback Kolsch 5%

Standout: Brewhouse – 8 Ball Double IPA

Starting from bottom to top in the above beer line-up, Brewhouse’s 8 Ball Double IPA hit with a sense of “How have I not tried this before?”. The seasonal special American IPA was one of imagination and dreams are made the taste experience of the whole 8-beer paddle one of adventure. The delicious mix (and large quantity) of hops made it a taste explosion as soon as it hit the lips. Time your trip right to get your hands on the 8 Ball Double IPA.

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