Pierre Jourdan Sparkling Brut 750ml

  • Pierre Jourdan Sparkling Brut 750ml

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    • Each$33.99
    • 6-Pack$179.88
    • Mix any 6 wines$29.98

    Product Description:

    This wine was created with the desire to release a South African Cap Classique that pays tribute to the Champagne region in France.

    Created by founder Achim von Arnim in 1984, it is still celebrated by second generation Cellar Master Takuan von Arnim. The first expression of Haute Cabrière’s winemaking philosophy of ‘sun, soil, vine, man’.

    Created in the traditional French method of bottle fermentation or ‘Méthode Cap Classique’. Enjoy delicate yeasty aromas on the nose, complemented by fresh citrus flavours and crisp acidity.

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