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  • Myers Jamaican Rum 700ml
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    Recognized as one of the worlds finest rums! It is stil to this day distilled in both tradtitional pot and column stills methods and matured in white oak barrels. 

    Perfecting their world-famous rum since 1879, Myers's Rum will delight your taste buds with a rich blend of dark and smooth flavours, making it the perfect drink for any occasion. The world famous Jamaican rum is matured in white oak barrels that guarantee a flavoursome finish that is sure to satisfy the palette of any rum enthusiast.

    To perfect the Myers’s Rum recipe that is adored by rum drinkers around the world, it is carefully blended with as many as 9 high quality Jamaican rums. The distillation process is carried out from continuous and pot still methods before being set aside to age.

    It comes as no surprise that Myers’s Rum has stood the test of time and strives to remain true to it’s Jamaican roots, adamant to only use molasses derived from sugar cane sourced in Jamaica. It is their commitment to their adored recipe that makes this spirit one of the most in demand rums almost everywhere in the world. Perfect for mixing with mango juice, or in your favourite cocktail. A couple of suggestions could be:

    Myers's & Tonic

    30ml Myers's

    120ml Tonic Water

    Few drops lemon juice

    Myers's Hot Toddy

    120ml Boiling Water

    30ml Lemon Juice

    Add lemon juice and sugar to taste and top with ground nutmeg or cinnamon.

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